The Mo Sisters are third generation vignerons, creating a connection between the old and the new. With a European heritage that brings a classic style, and an upbringing surrounded by Australian vines - Mo Sisters is anything but a typical wine label.

Mo Sisters was created against the traditional perceptions of wine, with sunny lunches and late evenings in mind. The Australian Sisters behind the brand sought to create a wine label in which embodied a rebellious spirit through design and taste.

Originating as a jewellery brand, categorised by bold design and quality craftsmanship, the sisters felt the desire to return to the industry they grew up amongst. In 2016, they purchased the Mo Sisters namesake vineyards to begin their own chapter in their family’s wine legacy.

Mo Sisters is for the girl who brings together her friends for a glass, the ultimate catalyst for connection. She believes in strength of character and ambitious dreams. Mo Sisters is woven together on these very ideas, while communicating an elegant boldness. Strongly influenced by design and style, Mo Sisters wines intersect effortlessly between art and science.

Mo Sisters is an expression of playfulness, and distinctive style. It is the ultimate wine to bring together groups of friends and sisters for ridiculously fun times. The Sisterhood holds a come as you are, and come with your friends attitude, reflecting on an underrepresented purpose of wine. Connection. A great bottle can bring together groups of those you love for free-flowing glasses and conversation, where daylight melts into night.

Mo Sisters meets you wherever you are, to share in life’s big and small Moments.

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