Mo Sisters launched in 2019 — a wine brand dedicated to new age style. Founded by three sisters who grew up in a prominent Australian wine family, this label is the next generation of winemaking, born from a desire to break away from tradition.

We’re focused on bringing a unique sense of style and individuality to the often-stuffy wine industry.

Targeting a new era of wine drinkers, we could sense a shift in drinking culture — one where the appreciation for a Friday wine-down became real, and so too did our idea for Mo Sisters. We have the view that wine is more than just a beverage — it can build a community. It acts as a catalyst for connection between friends and colleagues and it was through this realisation that the label was born.

Our brand exists because we believe good wine should be inclusive and accessible — from our unique labelling, to experiential pop-ups, we created Mo Sisters for the trailblazers and rulebreakers — those constantly challenging the status quo.

Think of Mo Sisters as the go-to drink for anyone interested in travel, style and fun — it’s made for drinking with friends, alfresco dining, and days that melt into nights.

Mo Sisters is more than a wine brand — it’s a community of smart and interesting people coming together to toast their success.

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